Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I love my Copics!

The other day a friend was asking about Copics and what colors to blend together, etc. I said I'd send her a color chart with all my Copics and how I use them together. But before I mailed it off to her, I scanned it for ya (on my screen they are just slightly darker than IRL & you can click on them to make them bigger):

I'm really happy with browns, reds, oranges, grays. I need maybe just one color lighter in yellow and purple (don't use those often anyway). I don't think I could ever have enough green or blue! In many cases, I started with a SU color match and then found colors to blend from there.

To figure out what colors match SU colors, I went here.

To get the SU 08-09 In-Color matches, I went here (there was a similar thread on SCS for the 07-08 colors as well).

My most used colors are E00 (skin), E33 (animal fur and hair), B93 (denim jeans).

Don't forget, you can buy just a few Copics to start and blend with your Prismacolor pencils too. Here are those instructions.

Michelle B.
"Queen of the Scene"


Collette said...

Marvelous ... I was at Hobby Lobby today - limited selection, so wasn't happy with my scribbles and their stock.
Stacy (jbgreendawn) gave me skin tones, so I'm set there ... but Thanks so much, Michelle for this ... I can give the numbers to DH or whoever to surprise me later on ...

~Stacy said...

oh how cool is this? :)

Thanks Michelle!

Deb said...

Wow! What a fantastic post! I'm gonna want to have this with me when I finally get to order some of these! It will be such a help, although it will still be hard to prioritize! I am gonna want lots of 'em!

Anonymous said...
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