Tuesday, December 16, 2008

15th Christmas Ornie & Ug, I'm sick

Ug, I'm sick. I have NO energy. Good thing I've finished a few things I haven't shown you yet.

This is the 15th year I have made Christmas ornaments for my family and friends. I make about 35 of the same ornie each year, shew! This year's ornament is on a base of angel shaped wood (bought this years ago and forced myself to use it this year....can't remember where I bought it tho). I painted the wood front and back with several coats of dark purple acrylic paint. Next I stamped this holy city with my virsamark pad (I made a "jig" by tracing the shape of the angel and the correct placement of the stamp block onto a piece of paper so I would know where to place the stamp each time without thinking). I embossed with gold embossing powder. I painted the buildings black with acrylic paint and added a little white highlight of acrylic paint on the right sides. (if you get some paint on the embossing, you can just let it dry a minute and wipe it off with a paper towel. Hit the area with the heat gun for a sec to restore the shine of the embossing) Next I painted a gold acrylic paint line around the top of the buildings and smeared it into the sky with my finger to make the city glow. To finish, I added the ribbon hanger and bow.

Stamps: City of David
Ink: Virsamark
Accessories: Acrylic paint, gold embossing powder, heat gun, ribbon from Pink Hedgehog



JenMarie said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

Janna said...

This is absolutely beautiful!!! Wow, wow, wow!! Sorry to hear that you are sick!! I hope you get to feeling better!