Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tips n Tricks Tuesday # 7 - My Sketch Book

Ahhh, my beloved sketch book. I have SOOOO many ideas but not near enough time to complete them all (I gave up numbering but I bet there are over 40 unused ideas in this book and I've got another altered book from my friend JenMarie started).

I'm easily distracted and forget things a lot so I live by lists. I also believe that by writing these ideas down, I "make room in my brain" for new ideas to come instead of using that processing power for remember ideas I haven't written down. Any little thing can set off an idea such as taking the dog outside, taking my kids to an event, a car ride, or watching cartoons with my kids (lots of ideas there!).

These sketches are very rough....just enough to jog my memory. When I have used the idea, I put a big check mark on it. Sometimes an idea comes to me when I'm away from my sketch book so I'll jot it down on a post it note or a scrap of paper and add it to the sketch book when I get home.

Sometimes if I don't immediately get an idea for a sketch, I just flip thru these pages and I'll find it. You'll see that one of these ideas I thought would work for Sketch Challenge 195 but there is no check mark. Prolly didn't have time to get that one done! You can see the results from idea #33 here and idea #34 here.

I really wanted to give you the juicy "how I cut my sketches" tutorial today but I just haven't had time. I had this one already typed up and almost ready to go so I had to "push the easy button". So sorry...Maybe I can get that juicy one done over Easter break.

Michelle B.
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Lisa Foster said...

Oh Boy! Wouldn't I just LOVE to get my hands on that baby!!! Good thinkin' to write down your ideas! I should do that instead of wandering through the universe not remembering my "Light Bulb" moments...uh...I'm so not down with this aging thing at all!!!