Tuesday, April 7, 2009

CC213 Easter v1 & Cutting a Sketch w/DP


Can you believe I did a color challenge today? I NEVER do them as I can never think of anything using only 3 colors. I watch what everyone else does and think...."Brilliant". Well for whatever reason today, I decided to peek at the colors and something came to me! Woo Hoo! (Maybe its because I work well under pressure and need to get these Easter cards done!).

AND....I'm going to show you how I cut a sketch when I'm working with a DP background (its different if I ink the background and I'll show you that soon). I know you guys are dying to get your hands on my wood floor digi - I am working on it (found out it doesn't print well on all printers).

OK, so first, cut your DP to size (in this case 4" wide by 5.25" tall). Then cut your floor piece to size and attach the floor over the top of the DP. In real life, the baseboard would stick out a bit from the wall so it makes sense to me (excuse the quality of the pics - I work in a dark basement!).

Flip this piece over and take it to your cutter. I use my cutter as a ruler and a straight edge. I pencil in my lines of where I want to cut. I prefer to do this on the backside so I don't have to worry about erasing as I sometimes have to tweak this a bit. If I had Nesties to do this cutting with my life would be a LOT easier but there have just been too many stamps to buy! Also notice that my Cocoa layer hangs out the bottom. This is because I shorted the DP a bit - its not quite 5.25" tall. Cheapskate!
When you have all your lines drawn, place your images in position and make sure it looks right (notice the lines with "X"s on them....this is me changing my mind. I always place an "X" on those bad lines so I don't confuse myself. I learned this from some construction guys on TV). I'm also noticing here that I'm going to need something up top.When you are happy with your sketch, go ahead and cut it out. You need to be precise in those corners so you don't cut out into your design. Again, Nesties would really make this much easier! You'll end up with this:

Cut a layer of cardstock as your mat for that center square and make your card base. Lay these pieces together to check your work and make sure you like what you've got.
Place the main elements of your scene into position to ensure you still like what you've got going on. Last chance for changes!

Finally, I'll finish up any work I need to do on my scene elements (finish cutting Riley, attach fringe to rug, etc.) and attach everything into position.

Hope that helps! Soon, I'll show you how I do scenes I ink and I'll cut more than one piece out in that one!

Additional notes: I cut out Riley's hooves with a craft knife in order to place the items under them. I also shortened the handle on the basket by cutting it off where it meets the base of the basket.

How I color

Making the rug

Stamps: Couch Riley, Loads of Love Accessories, Dress Up Lily, the floor is a hand drawn image I digitized to make it reusable
Paper: Close to Cocoa, Bashful Blue, SU DP
Ink: Close to Cocoa
Accessories: Copics, Prismacolor pencils and Goo Gone, Cricut George (for ovals), Stamp-a-majig, glitter pen


Michelle B.

"Queen of the Scene"


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Lisa Foster said...

Good Grief! You are the smartest person I know! I don't know how you figured all this out, but it is absolutely amazing! Now that you've shown us how to do it, it makes sense, but I couln't have figured it out just by looking! Thanks for taking the time to show us:) Love your card...it's just SO CUTE!!!

Amy said...

This is great! I love the extra touch with the rug. Thanks for the tutorial on how you do your amazing layering... that has always stumpped me. I think I will have to give it a try!

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this is soooooooooo cute!