Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tips n Tricks Tuesday # 11 - A Little Cricut Help

Sorry I've been gone so long...in the last week I worked 3 days, held a Girl Scout meeting, helped run a game at our school's field day, hosted a school dance for 150 Girls Scouts that I've been planning for 1 year, spent an entire day at a dance competition, and attended 2 soccer games, shew! And next weekend doesn't look any better! Ha! Please bare with me as I slowly transition my life back to working full time!

Today, I'm going to show you something I've done to help me use my Cricut more efficiently. My only means of cutting circles and ovals was my Cricut (just got some Nesties, woo hoo!). I found I was having trouble guessing what size circle or oval I needed for my particular project. To solve this problem I just cut several sizes out on inexpensive Georgia Pacific 110 Cardstock, carefully labeled the size it was cut at, and store them in a sheet protector near my Cricut (me and the sheet protectors!). I use the swiss cheese looking sheet to hold over an image to determine the correct size for that image. I use the individual circles to when working on my sketch to see if that size will fit in the sketch or not. This has saved me tons of time and wasted paper from bad cuts. I'm also planning to do this for several of the interesting frame shapes from my newer Storybook cartridge and also some other shapes like leafy fronds, snowflakes, etc.

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The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing!!