Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tips n Tricks Tuesday # 12 - Masks

I often use Georgia Pacific 110 cardstock for my masks. This is durable enough that I can use them many dozens of times (am I cheap or what!?!?). I store these in a little envelope on my stamp table marked "templates". I don't know why it says that! It should say Masks!! Oh, well!

The top mask set is used for making tables.

The middle mask is for clouds.

The mask set at the bottom of the pic is what I use for ground and sky. You'll notice that I've labeled the top B1 and the bottom B2 (because I have more than one set of these and I get mixed up!). Also notice the vertical red line on both pieces. As this is a torn piece of paper, I often cannot figure out how it goes back together when I'm trying to line up the masks on my piece (hey, I do most of my cardmaking at 2 AM!) so I drew this line across both pieces so I could line it up perfectly every time.

Some masks are labeled as to what they are for (prolly should do this on all of them!). Also, you'll probably want to watch when sponging with a mask that you don't mix up the colors. A few weeks ago, I used a mask with green ink on it to sponge some blue snow drifts. My sponge picked up some of the green off the mask and it ended up on my project. I had some wonky looking snow!

Michelle B.
“Queen of the Scene”

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Lisa Foster said...

Wonky looking snow, eh? LOL Hate it when the snow looks wonky! You are too cute for your own good!!!:) Thanks for the info on the compressor too! {{HUGS}}