Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tips n Tricks Tuesday # 3 - Coloring Images on the Go

I like to have images colored and ready to go so when I see a sketch challenge, I can get right to it....even if I have limited time.

Most of my coloring is done away from my stamp area. This could be in front of the TV while my family is watching a movie or while I'm waiting for my daughter at dance. DD is a competition dancer so there are lots of hours spent waiting at practices or waiting for her turn to perform. This past weekend we were at a competition 8+ hours for her 5-3 minute performances.

I needed a way to transport my images without damaging them and so I could just "grab and go" when I was running out the door. So I "reclaimed" this folder from my son and added a few sheet protectors (you'll soon catch on that I love sheet protectors!).

The first section of this notebook is for images to color. It used to be just one sheet protector with a variety of images but it has now grown. The images are organized by manufacturer (in case I need a particular one for a challenge or because sometimes I just feel like coloring a certain way).
I trade images a lot so I recently started putting one image right into this folder before filing the rest away. This helps me really use those images. When I buy a new stamp, I add that image to my folder as well.

The next section is titled "to Prisma". Sometimes I don't feel like messing with the Goo Gone and my Prismacolor pencils or I might not have a table to put the Goo Gone on if I'm at a dance competition with my DD so.... I'll only do the Copic part of my coloring and then place those images in here. (sorry for the image with the X on it....there are several of these on one page and I was testing some colors. The good ones are hidden behind the other images.)

If you are unfamiliar with how I color, please see this post.

The final section of my notebook contains images that are ready to be cut and used. I don't normally cut ahead of time because I'm worried about damaging all the small details.
Hope that gets ya thinking.....

Michelle B.
“Queen of the Scene”


Lisa Foster said...

Wonderful idea Michelle! I love how you organized your notebook. Can I ask how you transport your Copics? This is always a dilema for me because I have so many...do you choose certain colors to take with, or do you carry all of them? TIA!

Sandy Knecht said...

Great idea but what is up with the Goo Gone and Prismacolors? I've not heard of using Goo Gone except to clean scissors. Thanks

Crystal said...

What a great idea ! Since we travel often, this idea will come in handy. Am gonna get right to work putting together one for myself.