Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tips n Tricks Tuesday # 1 - Sponges

ETA: I forgot to mention that I didn't invent this idea of using makeup sponges but I don't know where I saw it first so I am unable to give proper credit. Sorry!

I promised you something new on my blog and here it is: Tips n Tricks Tuesday. So, I was thinking the other day that I've kinda lost track of this blog and turned it into a "look at me" thing. That's not exactly what I want. I hope that you are able to learn and grow by visiting here. So, I'm going to try to post some tips and tricks here each Tuesday (I've probably have about 20 ideas jotted down already). These are all sorts of miscellaneous things that I do that you may find helpful but I've never managed to fit them in here because they don't relate to just one particular card. So, for our first topic.....my sponge collection.

Now, I am CHEAP so I needed inexpensive sponges that I can reuse many times. I use makeup sponges that are readily available at discount and drug stores. I write the name of the color on the side with a fine black marker so I can reuse them. I store them in a cheap pencil box I "reclaimed" from my kids that was also purchased at a discount store. They are categorized by color in the box (greens together, blues together, etc.) so they are easy to find. I normally only have to throw a sponge away because I accidentally dip it in the wrong color. I think I've only had 1 actually wear out (it started crumbling and falling apart) in the last year. We'll talk about HOW I use this in an upcoming episode.

Hope you enjoy this new feature! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Michelle B.
“Queen of the Scene”


Lisa Foster said...

Hey Michelle! This Tips N Tricks Tuesday is a fabulous idea!!! (although PLEASE don't stop with the "Look At Me" stuff either..because I have definately learned and grown from looking at all of your WONDERFUL creations!!!
I love your idea of using make-up sponges. The way you have them organized is awesome too! I think I'm gonna give this a try! I hate having all these odd-ball shaped pieces of sponges that I can't store very well and mostly can't identify what their actual color is. Thanks so much, Girl! You already know I think you're a genius :)
P.S. Got a little sumthin' sumthin' comin' your way via snail mail:)

Lisa Foster said...

I have something on my blog for ya too!!!

Sandy said...

What a cool addition to your blog. I can't wait to see what you do with the sponges.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 on SCS said...

I love the idea of tips and tricks. I was feeling a bit stale with my cardmaking so I am eager to learn different techniques and ideas that will be new to me. Looking forward to it!

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!

Candy said...

Oh Wow! This is great. I am new at this and this will really be a great help. I never thought of the makeup sponges. That will help me save my money for the "nicer" things to craft with.

imastampin said...

This is such a great idea Michelle! I'm going to have to try it.


Jaclyn (turtlescrapper) said...

WOW Michelle, great idea!!!! I don't like the real sponges because they leave blotches - this looks like a great sponge to use to give even color. Thanks so much!

Leigh Anne said...

hehe I use the makeup sponges and label & reuse them too!! you should SEE the walnut stain one! lol