Friday, October 3, 2008


I was tagged twice recently so here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I LOVE chocolate chip cookie dough…that’s right, don’t bother cooking it!
2. I have a Masters Degree in Information Systems and currently work part time in that field.
3. My husband and I work together. We actually met at work. We often work very closely such as on the same project, or reporting to the same boss, or sometimes I do work that is ultimately for him. We make a great team (but the kids are probably tired of hearing about work at the dinner table!)
4. I am a huge animal lover…especially dogs…especially Boxers (I've owned 2) and Boston Terriers (That's my sweet Fiona pictured above).
5. I don’t eat a lot of meat – See Number 4. I’d probably be a vegetarian if it wasn’t for my husband and kids.
6. I’m deathly afraid of flying. My husband suggested we fly to Florida last summer and I had a bad dream that very night just from the mere suggestion of it.
7. I have trouble with things like this that I’m supposed to pass on. I don’t want to “bother” anybody. Don’t know why I feel that way because I liked being tagged. So here I am stuck…..any volunteers?

PS: We’ll save the discussion of my radical taste in music for another day!


JenMarie said...

Fiona is a sweet pea! Giver her a hug for me!

Yosha said...

I am totally with you on the cookie dough! Last year one of my co-workers kids were doing a cookie dough sale thing for school. One of the options was to buy them in disks to make it "handy to just pop them into the oven as needed." For me it was handy to pop them into my mouth as needed! :)

Afraid of flying really? My favourite form of transpotation. Of course I work in the industry so that probably helps. You probably know the stats so it may not help, but flying really is the safest form of transport!