Monday, April 5, 2010

Tip: Planning your cardstock colors

I store my scraps of cardstock by color. I often pull out many different color scraps (and make a big mess) when trying to work thru what colors I want to use on a project. I hate to clean up so its no fun to put all those scraps away properly.

The solution: I have a little plastic bag that I have a sample of each color of cardstock in. I write the name of the color on the cardstock to ensure I remember what it is. When I am working on a project, I can just pour the package out. I can pull out several colors and see what works best, and then I can quickly scoop all the samples up and put them right back in the bag.

I have also found several color combos that I wouldn't have thought of if they didn't end up next to each other in my sample pack.

The little sample pack of cardstock started waaaaaay back when I first started stamping. I didn't have the budget at that time to buy all the cardstock at once and I wasn't sure what colors I liked so I bought a litle sample pack off of ebay. I have added to this pack as new colors have come out. I used to carry this little pack to the store when shopping to help me match dp and accessories also.

Michelle B.

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Lisa Kind said...

Great idea, Michelle! So many great ideas in blogland, and this is one of them! TFS!