Monday, July 26, 2010

Tip: Save The Date

I often write the dates on my supplies. In this case, I am showing you my refill bottle of stamp cleaner. Every time I refill my little spray bottle I write the date on the refill bottle. Why? Read on......

This helps me budget (I know approximately how long I can go before I need to purchase this item). If I see this item on sale, I know if I should buy three (probably not in this case) or just one.

I also do this with my Momento Tuxedo black in pad, my 6 pack of adhesive for my ATG gun (can't seem to keep those in the house!), my special papers such as Papertrey White.

Hope that helps you too!

Michelle B.


JenMarie said...


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

GREAT idea!!!! And I order the ATG refills by the 12 pack! LOL

Patti J said...

Great idea! I guess the ATG is good adhesive! I've been so frustrated lately. Every adhesive I try is great at the moment, but if the card is several weeks or months old, I'm afraid to mail it for fear it will fall apart! Thanks for the great info tonight!

Emily Leiphart said...

Very clever! I try to do this, too, but often forget. :)