Friday, July 2, 2010

A Silly Girl's Scrapbook Page

Finally getting a chance to show this to you. I made this scrapbook page for Artful INKables and it was kind of a last minute thing I had to get in the mail right away. I quickly took a pic, stuffed it in the envie, and mailed it at the PO. When I got home and downloaded the pics from my camera, I noticed that I had placed the center image so that all the words on the surrouding background were sideways (the "HB" is vertical instead of horizontal)! HA!!!! How embarrassing! So, I had to send a quick note to AI to correct that little boo boo by turning the center circle before AI displayed the pages at a show! Guess that's what happens when ya rush! It was still a really fun page!

Stamps: Artful INKables Birthday Best

Michelle B.

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