Friday, February 26, 2010

Ribbon Storage

As you have heard me has been very full lately and I've lost my focus. Every once in a while I do a reality check and realize that my blog has switched from "you, you, you" to "me, me me". So let me get back on track here by giving you a tip and also catch up on a promise.

This is for Sue from Oregon. I promised her I'd blog about my ribbon storage. I use the Ribbon Rings (bought mine at Pink Hedgehog Papercrafts). Pink Hedgehog also made this easy for me to setup as I bought their 1 yd groups of ribbon to get me started. I keep the ribbons organized by color (all greens together on one ring, etc.).

I love them because:

1. I am a very visual person (big surprise, eh) and I like everything out in the open. If its put away...I'll forgetaboutit.

2. I think these rings of ribbon are absolutely beautiful hanging there. Almost a work of art!

3. It is easy to tell when I need to purchase more ribbon. I just pull the long ends out and the short ones reveal themselves to show which ones I need more of. See:

4. And lastly, its easy for me to pick the ribbon for my project without making a big mess. For example, let's say I'm working on a project and I'm thinking it may need a pink or red ribbon. I like to "try them on" before I decide which ribbon is best. I used to grab the spools unroll a bit from each one and lay them across my card. If I didn't like them, I had to roll them all back up and put them away. Now I just grab the ring with pink and red, select a few ribbons and drape them across my project to see which one I like. When I'm done, I just grab the ring and hang it back up. So easy! Here's what I mean about "trying the ribbons on":

What? You don't remember the card in this example? That's because it "didn't make the cut". I still have it laying there. Maybe someday I'll figure out what it needs.


Michelle B.


Emily Leiphart said...

What gorgeous colours in that image! I can't wait to see the finished card.

Shannon Erskine aka e3stamper said...

I love my ribbon rings too Michelle! I order my brads from Pink hedgehog love the kraft ones!!

Sue from Oregon said...

oh what a beautiful rainbow of colors! I have met Heidi(we live close to each other)...she is a great gal too! I still am struggling with my ribbon...I have a bunch of unused ribbon rings...thanks for the inspiration...and a kick in the hiney to get going to use them LOL!

Bonibleaux Designs said...

How funny - I just ordered a bunch of ribbon cards and jump rings to try and organize my ribbons. Wish me luck! LOL I love the colors of your sample card with the pink ribbons. YUMMY!