Thursday, February 18, 2010

Craftin' with DD

I've been holding out on you! These were made last October by my 11 yo DD and I. For her birthday, she took a couple girl friends roller skating. These were her thank you cards. I have this image (CC Designs Swiss Pixies Gretel) in digital form so I simply brought it into my photo editing software and added some little circles to her feet to emulate the roller skates. You could get the same effect with some small circle punches or maybe you have a small circle stamp. I love images I can use in many ways like this! I showed her how to mask and sponge the floor in and she took it from there.

Stamps: CC Designs Swiss Pixies Gretel, Papertrey Polka Dot Basics II, Hanna Stamps Things Hanna Would Say
Other: I dont' share my crafting space very well so I took off. I have no idea what she was using! Ha!

Michelle B. & DD

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Patti J said...

So cute! DD and momma did a great job :) I'm glad that you decided not to hold out on us any longer! Missed you at the Zindorf class...I had my days mixed up. My class was on Friday, not Saturday. Now we will simply have to plan an outing! Would love to meet up sometime and do some crafting or shopping! Be sure to let me know if you hear of any other fun classes or workshops in your area!