Monday, December 14, 2009

TTTT # 20 - Mass Production Cutting

Where have the days gone? I've been hunkered down and very focused on getting all my Christmas crafting done early (early = more than 12 hours before the event I need them for! Ha!). I am glad to say I finished all 36 of my Christmas ornaments! Yippee! Here they are (there are a few already hanging on their trees):

Here's the original post with all the deets on this ornament. OK, let's get on with the Tuesday Tip! I needed to cut out a solid piece of dark blue cardstock for the back of these ornaments. The size was a little odd....a little shy of 1.5"....and I needed to cut out 36 of them. So, I use a post it note to mark the exact location my cardstock should be in on my cutter when I make my cut. Then I simply turn up my iPod real loud, bump my cardstock up to the post it, and make an accurate cut without thinking. No mistakes and I can totally loose myself in whatever song I'm listening to. Here's a pic of my setup:
So next time you have to cut several pieces to the same size, use a post it note to help you through.

Michelle B.


Kathy said...

Your ornaments are beautiful. Those would have taken me the whole year to! They really turned out very pretty!

kc_froglady said...

they turned out really nice :) Love the idea of the Post It and wish I had thought of that as I just finished cutting tickets apart for an event 300 of them! some are a little wonky LOL!

Melisa Waldorf said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I don't think I've ever made 36 of anything. I don't do repetitive projects very well, teehee.

Shelly Schmidt said...

Awesome way to make a ton of gifts- and I love these pretty ornaments! TFS

Lori said...

Your ornaments look gorgeous Michelle!!! And thanks for the great tip!! :)
I like cranking up my radio when I am crafting too!! Heehee

Ursula said...

great cutting tip!! Those ornaments with the digi manger are so sweet!! :o)