Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tips N Tricks (and Tutorials) Tuesday # 17 - In the Spotlight

OK, I promised you yesterday that I'd show you how to make a spotlight like I did on this card:
First, you'll need a scrap of cardstock and a way of cutting out an oval (Nesties, Cricut, punch). Cut the oval out but don't get rid of the rest of the scrap. These are your masks. NOTE: You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.
It's a little hard to see in this picture but take that little oval and place it into position on your main image panel. It should be near the bottom, centered left to right, and straight across the page.
Next take that big scrap piece that you cut the oval out of and place it over oval on your main image panel. It should fit together like a puzzle.
Removal that little oval piece (you'll have your main image panel at the bottom with the large scrap with an oval cut out on top). Sponge some Barely Banana ink into the center of that oval (don't go to the edges).
Next sponge Summer Sun ink around the edges of that oval (don't go all the way to the middle). Notice I have lots of ink on my mask....always start sponging on your mask and move in a circle motion towards the center. If the two colors of ink have a hard line between them, blend with your Barely Banana sponge without picking up my ink. Remove the large mask.
Attach a post it note to the back of the main image panel and let some of it show to use as your guide. Mark your center line and about 1/4" on either side of center onto the post it.
Next you'll want some long post it notes (may need to stick two together) and the straight edge will go from the line 1/4" off the center at the top to the edge of the spotlighted oval at the bottom. (If you are really smart, you'll cover up that white at the bottom too...you'll see why later!)
Sponge Barely Banan ink into the center only of this area.
Sponge Summer Sun ink around all the edges of this area. OOPS! Almost forgot to mention, I also put my little cut out oval back into position as I want to have a hard line between this part of the sponging and the oval part of the sponging. I do not want them to blend together.
Remove all your masks and TA DA.....a lovely spotlight. Well, kinda lovely as mine had a stray spot of yellow ink in the lower right corner. Ug. I quickly repeated these steps and made another spotlight that was used in the card above.

Here's a link to a blue spotlight that is also cut out in my usual style.

Here's a link to some sponging Tips & Tricks.

Michelle B.
"Queen of the Scene"


msfreida said...
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msfreida said...

Sorry...I either need another cup of coffee or a better spell check!

Thanks so much for your AWESOME tutorial! You always make yours so easy to follow!....now that's better! ;)

Pam S. said...

Thanks Michelle - this is NEAT!
Pam Going Postal

Inkerbelle said...

Love the spotlight idea and your tutorial. Thanks!!