Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've been TAGGED!

Last night I was tagged by the lovely Denise (aka Peanutbee). Here's where you can find her fabulous work.

Now for the questions:

1. Ten Years Ago....
I was 6 months pregnant, working full time, and finishing up my Master's degee (last class was 4 days before DD was born!). I was also just starting to paint around this time.

2. Five Things on My To-Do List Today:
Hey, maybe publishing to the world will keep me on track! These are in no order.
A. Make some updates to my blog
B. Clean our 2 1/2 baths
C. List some items on the bay (so I can make a frivolous stamp purchase later!)
D. Make at least 3 cards (needed this week)
E. Prepare costumes, accessories, shoes, makeup, etc. for DD's dance recital this week (she's in 10 dances across 3 days!)

3. Snacks I enjoy
Chocolate chip cookie dough (yep, not cooked!), soda, any cake or pie

4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire
Donate Donate Donate, buy stamps and shoes

5. Places I have lived:
Not too exciting here, just Illinois and Missouri (a total distance of 45 miles)

Now, I'm only going to get a C+ on this because I'm only tagging 3 others:

Kim (my Bella Friend Forever)
Jen Marie (who wins everything and encouraged me to start doing challenges)
Shannah (who teaches me about life and stamping in Australia!)


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